Who is The Nightographer?

Lazarus Baptiste is a celebrated celebrity makeup artist and beauty brand ambassador turned world class cityscape photographer. “Makeup taught me to previsualize, and photography taught me to see.” Lazarus is a specialist in super high resolution panoramic night cityscapes, and he prints BIG. His image of the New York skyline “Twilight Light”, featured in Vienna Austria, is a world record contender for the largest exhibition quality print ever mounted and framed in one piece. “Twilight Light” was printed by Stefan Fiedler at an astounding 8.2 x 31.8 feet with a resolution of 1200 dpi. His other works have been presented by Chromaluxe at Photokina in Cologne Germany at a more modest 4 x 8 feet.

Lazarus was born in Port-au-Prince Haiti and immigrated to Brooklyn, New York at age 11. “I started makeup in 1994 and photography in ’96. For a while, I did both but when I was offered the opportunity to co-design and launch the Philippe Privé cosmetics line at New York City’s SAKS 5th AVE, I chose to focus on makeup and put my Minolta away.” Lazarus’s twin passions led him to eventually pick up a camera again and become the personal makeup artist and photographer to CBS News anchor Gayle king. His Iconic Image of Gayle king and R. Kelly in the now infamous CBS interview was 2019’s “ viral shot seen around the world.” 

Lazarus’ first project “NYCANDI” is an 8-year photographic love Letter to the city of New York. He takes on the moniker “The Nightographer” because of his love of night photography and the unique challenges it presents. 

 Lazarus lists Fan Ho, Gordon Parks, William Klein, Brassaï, Hugh Bell and Ansel Adams among his photography heroes.

Laz About


“God is in the details.”

The longer you look at a Lazarus image the more you see. The closer you inspect it, the more details you discover!​

“I describe my technique for transcribing my vision into photographs as ASIC. ASIC allows me to push a camera and lens beyond their limits in resolution, dynamic range, depth of field and Perspective. Long story short…I’ve got pictures in my pictures and shadows in my shadows!”

Many Lazarus 2020 images resolve well beyond 200 megapixels and have an immersive 3D effect. They are the next best thing to being there.

Below is our image of Las Vegas, Nevada. In the image you will see a small white rectangle.

The second image is the contents of the rectangle.